Training Games

Gamification of cyber-security training has been proven to be very effective in improving outcomes by making learning fun and immersive.

Raising awareness of cyber threats is your most effective protection strategy because most successful attacks on your business begin with a Human being tricked into providing information or access to your systems.

Effective learning and development requires a variety of training methods working in tandem and one of the most effective tools are Serious Games or Gamification.

Serious Games are developed through the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to information security awareness to encourage genuine engagement with training.

In partnership with Mavi Games, we have a set of 7 information security games, deployed on your LMS or served from ours, to engage your colleagues and employees and raise their awareness of cyber threats.

The games can be purchased as part of Keepnet platform license or separately as standalone training tools.

Gamification for Immersive Learning

Agent Surefire Series

These point-and-click adventure games deliver the training in 30-40 minutes, then give the trainee a chance to continue practicing (practice makes perfect) by engaging in the “catch the hacker” scenario.

Over 120 discoverable challenges help strengthen real-world skills in detecting and eliminating cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Sentinel Series

These mini games each take about 20 minutes to complete. Perfect for corporate deployment, they are loaded with “Aha!” moments that help change behaviour.

A hands-on skill development environment to convert the user’s current knowledge of “do’s and don’ts” into personally-important actions of self-preservation.