After a compromise you are relying on the Human response. The first step in improving awareness and response is to quantify your risk through phishing simulation with comprehensive tracking and reporting.

How alert are your colleagues to malicious email threats? How do they respond to these events at the moment?

Over 90% of successful data breaches are initiated by an email-based attack costing businesses $3 trillion per year and driving considerable technological investments, such as firewalls and anti-spam, to provide protection.

These technology solutions will never detect and block 100% of email-based attacks, leaving you reliant on the response of your users.

The first step to effective defence against these threats is to understand and quantify the vulnerability of your staff and colleagues so you can target effective awareness education. Our Phishing Simulator allows you to do that.

Understand Your Risk

Keepnet’s™ Phishing Simulation module allows you to test and quantify your human vulnerability safely and proactively by sending benign phishing attacks to your team, tracking their actions and reporting back to you.

Keepnet™ puts you in control. Thanks to our simple interface and quick launch features, scheduling and running campaigns is a simple point and click process that doesn’t require a technical background. You can be up and running in minutes.

Grouping your users into unlimited business units, departments and teams provides superior targeting and granular visibility at all levels of your organisation and highlights specific areas to focus your resources.

Every aspect of an individual’s response is tracked in real-time giving you in-depth analysis of performance over time, improvements and trends.

The Keepnet™ Phishing Simulator includes varied and effective phishing simulations content, which is constantly being developed and enhanced in response to shifting real world threats and trends, to provide a robust test of your organisations security.

If you have custom creative content you wish to use it is a simple process to create and customise phishing simulation content on the Keepnet™ platform.

Education & Training Included

We don’t stop there, our Phishing Simulation module is fully-integrated with our Awareness Educator Platform to automatically place employees who are caught by our phishing simulations onto appropriate e-learning courses to improve their vigilance to genuine phishing attacks.